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      European cable standards and IEC standardsDate: 2019-10-19  Source: Dewei

      European countries such as Britain, Germany and France are highly developed countries. The requirements for cable standards are generally higher than those of IEC standards. However, these standards are now integrated with each other to form an absolutely authoritative standard system, namely the European standard.

      The European Cable Association is the European Electrical Engineers Association: CENELEC, whose members include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Westra, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain. National Electrical Engineers Association of Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

      Members of CENELEC are obliged to implement the CEN / CENELEC International Agreement, which states that this European Standard shall be implemented in accordance with national standards and shall not be subject to change. Once a European standard is enacted, all members must be announced on a national standard level within six months of the European enactment, and the European standard will be implemented in accordance with national standards within one year after the European enactment. And within the next five years, the original national standards that contradicted the European standard were abolished.

      In addition, the European Electrotechnical Association has issued a coordination document that is equivalent to the European standard, namely HD documents. The HD document also replaces the national standards of the member states within the time limit specified above.

      In fact, European countries often replace their national standards with European standards in a short period of time, such as the European standard for cable bundle burning tests, EN50266, which was issued in 2001, but the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries. In 2003, the same national standards BS4066 and DIN VDE0472-804 were abolished.

      The numbering of European standards is directly included in national standards without change. For example, the national standard numbers of EN50306 in the UK, Germany, France and other countries are BS EN50306, DIN EN5050306 and NF EN50306. HD files are numbered separately.

      European standards also incorporate certain standards in IEC and ISO, such as IEC60811, the European standard number is EN 60811, and the national standards are numbered BS EN60811, NF EN 60811, etc.

      The European standard converted by the IEC standard shall have the first digit of the standard number "6".

      France, Germany and other countries are the most active supporters of European standards. Now some important cable standards in France, Germany and other countries have been integrated into HD documents. Currently, about half of the national standards for cables in France are European standards.

      The most commonly used low-voltage cable standards in France, Germany and other countries, namely the series of rubber cables and PVC cables (DIN VDE 0282, NF C32-102 and DIN VDE 0281 and or NF C32-201), have been integrated into HD22 and HD21.

      IEC and ISO standards are the most widely used standards in the world, while European standards are the standards used by most developed countries. To connect our products to the world, we must first implement standards. In fact, many countries with underdeveloped industries often adopt standards from advanced countries such as BS.

      The advanced nature of European standards exceeds the IEC standards, and the authority is higher than the national standards of Britain, Germany, France and other countries. Compared with American standards, European standards are closer to Chinese standards.

      China is becoming the center of the world's manufacturing industry. Many companies in Europe, America and Japan have set up their own cable-making bases in China. In China, they produce cables according to their standards and then sell them back to their home countries or resell them. In order to enable China's cable products to be exported to industrially developed countries on a larger scale, we must keep abreast of the dynamics of world standards and try to adopt advanced standards. In the future, we must study and learn from European standards.

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