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      Which wire and cable can be used in the aerospace industryDate: 2019-10-19  Source: Dewei

      Aerospace is one of the symbols of a country's prosperity and is a manifestation of technological progress in a country. Aerospace technology has always been a national secret, requiring the completion of precision parts assembly, up to the main components of various electronic equipment, as small as a screw. Today we will introduce the technical requirements for wire and cable in the field of aerospace.

      We know high-temperature wire and cable in the fields of aerospace and rolling stock, energy, steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, oil extraction, and electric motors due to long-term continuous working temperature of 125 °C-250 °C and above. Our common high temperature resistant wire insulation materials in the market mainly include radiation crosslinked PO, silicone rubber, fluororesin, polyimide, mica, magnesium oxide and the like. However, due to the requirements and complexity of the aerospace industry, ordinary high temperature resistant lines have been unable to meet its requirements. Two new types of high temperature resistant wire and cable, PES insulated wire and cable and peek insulated wire and cable, have been developed for this market.

      Peek is a kind of super-heat-resistant thermoplastic resin. It has outstanding creep resistance and self-extinguishing property. It can reach UL94V-1 (thickness 0.3mm) and 94V without adding any flame retardant. -0 (thickness 1.5mm), 94V-5 (thickness 3.2mm) required.

      Peek wire and cable is a kind of high temperature line for environmental protection and energy saving. The long-term continuous use temperature is 250 degrees and the UL temperature index is 250 degrees. At the same time, good mechanical properties and electrical insulation can be maintained at an irradiation dose of 1100 Mrad. Electromagnetic wires and wires and cables using peek polyetheretherketone as an insulating material can be used as a winding wire and lead wire for driving a mechanical coil of a nuclear reactor control system, and a mechanism coil bobbin and a coil in a nuclear reactor control system drive.

      Polyethersulfone (PES) insulated wire has excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, and extrusion molding properties, especially in environments with continuous use at high temperatures and rapid temperature changes. Outstanding advantages: heat distortion temperature is 200-220 degrees, continuous use temperature is 180-200 degrees, UL temperature index is 180 degrees; can resist 150-160 degrees hot water or steam, and is not attacked by acid or alkali at high temperature; The modulus of elasticity is almost constant at -100--200 degrees, especially above 100 degrees, which is better than any thermoplastic resin; the coefficient of linear expansion is small, and its temperature dependence is small; it is non-toxic and is recognized by the FDA. It also meets the requirements of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 434 and No. 178; it has self-extinguishing properties and does not contain any flame retardant. It has excellent flame retardancy and can reach UL94V-0 (0.46mm).

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