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      The difference between electronic wires and wiresDate: 2019-10-19  Source: Dewei

      For the definition of electronic wire, we can understand it as an abbreviation of the internal line of electrical equipment, and its electrical performance is mainly based on weak electricity. The electronic wires commonly used in our daily life production generally adopt three domestic and international standards: CCC, UL, and VDE. Common electronic wire types include UL standard silicone wire, low-smoke halogen-free wire, Teflon wire, and PVC wire. They are a special type of wire that is subdivided according to the purpose of the wire, and is commonly used as a connecting wire inside equipment such as electronic appliances.

      The wire covers a wide range, generally we can understand the wire that transmits electrical energy, divided into bare wire, electromagnetic wire and insulated wire. The bare wire has no insulation, including copper, aluminum flat wire, overhead stranded wire, and various profiles (such as profile, busbar, copper row, aluminum row, etc.). It is mainly used for outdoor overhead and indoor busbars and switch boxes. Wires are typically used to carry current-carrying conductive metal wires. Various forms, such as solid, stranded or foil braided, are classified into bare wires and insulated wires according to the insulation condition.

      Therefore, the difference between the wire and the wire is that the range of the wire is different, and the relationship between the wire and the wire is included, and the wire is included in the wire.

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