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      How to prevent moisture from mineral cables?Date: 2019-10-19  Source: Dewei

      During the installation of mineral cables, if the exposed time is prone to moisture, resulting in a decrease in insulation resistance, how can the cable be protected from moisture?

      Before laying, carefully check the insulation resistance value and whether the end and copper sheath are exposed or scratched. Be careful when aligning the cable to avoid damage to the copper sheath of the cable during the straightening process. After the discovery, it should be sealed in time, and paraffin wax is generally used as a temporary sealing material.

      The remaining part of the sawing joint of the mineral cable should also be sealed immediately. Ensure that the moisture in the air does not enter the insulation layer. If the insulation resistance value in the test does not meet the requirements of the specification, it shall not be laid. The dehumidification treatment shall be adopted and the insulation resistance value shall meet the requirements before laying.

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