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      Fireproof cable installation precautionsDate: 2019-10-19  Source: Dewei

      Mineral fireproof cable is a new type of environmentally friendly cable with excellent performance, safety and reliability. It is an indispensable member of modern electric power life. Since the fire-resistant cables are all composed of mineral minerals, they do not cause fires themselves, and it is impossible to burn or support combustion. Therefore, the cables can continue to supply power in the event of a fire close to the melting point of copper. Such an important fireproof cable should also pay attention to the installation method when installing it, so as to avoid any bad situation during use. Next, let's take a look at the installation precautions for fireproof cables, which may not be comprehensive enough for your reference.

      1. Before laying the cable, check whether the cable type meets the design requirements, the appearance of the cable should be free of damage, and whether the insulation resistance meets the standard requirements;

      2. Understand the structure, performance and characteristics of the fireproof cable, and understand the type, specification, type and adaptability of the cable.

      3. Familiar with the accessory accessories of fireproof cables and the installation and use methods of each accessory.

      4. Familiar with the construction drawings and site conditions, and formulate detailed construction plans.

      5. During the laying and installation process, the insulation resistance of the cable should be measured and the problem should be dealt with in time. Before and after the cable laying and before and after the production of the terminal and the intermediate joint, the insulation resistance of the cable should be measured several times and compared before and after to ensure that the quality of the cable in each installation process is intact.

      6. Regardless of whether the cable is cut off or suspended, or if it is to be placed for a period of time before construction, the head end of the cable must be done in time to avoid moisture and conductor water ingress and affect the insulation performance of the cable;

      7. After the cable is laid, if there is no intermediate joint, the terminal can be directly used. If there is an intermediate joint, the intermediate joint should be made first, and then the insulation resistance test is performed to ensure one pass;

      8. After the terminal is grounded, the metal sleeve can be used as a grounding wire. The laid cable is grounded and installed within 24 hours to prevent the conductor and the insulation layer from being exposed to the outside for a long time;

      9. The installation and installation of the cable shall strictly abide by GB50168-2006 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Cable Lines for Installation of Electrical Installations".

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