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      Detailed analysis of common electronic harness faultsDate: 2019-10-19  Source: Dewei

      1. The wiring harness is burned out. The common electronic harness fault analysis analyzes this situation generally, and the burning speed is also relatively fast. In these burnt lines, there is generally no safety device. Wire bundle burnout usually has a certain regularity: in the circuit of the power system, where is the ground iron, where the wire harness will burn, where the junction of the burnt and intact place is the wire of this place Iron; if the electrical harness is burned to the wiring of an electrical device, it indicates that the electrical device has failed.

      2. The wire bundle is subjected to external compression and impact, which causes the insulation of the wire inside the wire bundle to be damaged, causing a short circuit between the electronic wires, causing some electrical equipment to lose control and the fuse to be blown. If the line is in poor contact, then most of the faults occur in the connector. When the fault occurs, the electrical equipment will not work properly. At the time of judgment, the power of the electrical equipment is turned on, and the relevant connector of the electrical equipment is pulled or touched. When a certain connector is touched, the electrical equipment suddenly works, and suddenly it cannot work, then This shows that the connector has failed.

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