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      Dongguan Dewei Wire Co., Ltd

      About us

      Dongguan Dewei Wire Co., Ltd is a modern private business, which was established in 2004.

      Our company is a professional producing company for various kinds of high temperature wires: silicone wire, fluoroplastic wire, silicone parallel wire, fluoroplastic colorful parallel wire, sensor cable, new energy cable, silicone heating wire, silicone braided cable, silicone power cable, twin flat cable, coaxial cable, high voltage cable and silicone sleeve and so on. And we Imported the advanced production equipments for silicone cable  from Italy in 2015.DEWEI is one of the main suppliers of high-level cables used in various field, such as the aircraft industry, railway, subway, iron and steel industry, petrified, Medical industry, automobile industry, electricity industry and new energy industry.

      The company has about fifteen years production experience, advanced equipment and testing measurements technology. We set up and implement the quality management system strictly according to the international standard ISO9000, and had been awarded the certification of AMT ISO 9001: 2008 in 2010.The number is E339716.and set up UL laboratory to test all kinds of standards.

      Our company complies with the principle:

      Exist Based on Quality, Promotion Based on Brand, Development Based on Technology. 

      The company Insists "Customer First" "Quality First" "Brand First" "Service First" "Credit First", improves the core technology and enhances the independent innovation ability.

      It is our responsibility to offer customers the excellent service and quality guarantee.

      Dewei is striving for becoming a professional leader of the high temperature cable industry in China.

      The company has the enough production capacity to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers' orders. The company has cooperated with many clients from domestics and overseas, and has obtained consistently the high praise from our customers since it was set up.

      We sincerely welcome you to visit our company and contact us for cooperation!

      Let's work together and create the brilliant future.




      Dongguan Dewei Wire Co., Ltd
      Contact: Mr. Li +86-13922913367
      Tel: +86-769-85472388
      Fax: +86-769-85472688
      E-mail: dewei@dgtechway.com
      Add: No. 116, Jinghai West Road, Shatou South District, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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