Business Casual Fashion Styles for Men

More and more businesses and companies are becoming more lenient in their dress code for their employees. They are now more open to allowing their men to switch from the more restrictive formal business suit to the more comfortable business casuals for men like customized t shirts. Business casuals for men still exude professionalism and polish but are more comfortable and easy to wear than the formal business suit, once the uniform in the business world. It is the middle ground between the formal business attire and the smart casual wear for men. The current clothing trend for the male species allow for several options for a business casual outfit for a fashionable young professional. For an idea of what is allowable and available, take a look at the possibilities cited here:

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Trousers or pants
For a business casual outfit, slacks in neutral colors such as navy, brown, khaki, black and tan or beige are acceptable trousers for this dress code. Chinos, flat front pants, forward or reverse pleated pants and slacks made of cotton, linen, polyester, and light wool materials are standards for a business casual outfit. Jeans or denims are not business casual, even designer jeans and definitely not shorts.

Shirts or tops for business casual always come with a collar. A dress shirt- long sleeved button up shirt with turndown collars, is the more appropriate top for a business casual, particularly when a tie will be required. Short sleeved polo shirts or sports shirts without a logo are also acceptable when worn with a blazer or sports coat and paired off with leather shoes. For business casual, men are not limited to white shirts, colors are permissible but as much as possible stick to pastels, dark blue, brown, black or even maroon. Patterns such as stripes and checks are also okay for business casual.

Leather shoes are the prescribed shoes for business casuals, leather loafers or lace – up leather shoes.

A leather belt that complements the leather shoes is a vital addition to a business casual look .

Single breasted suits are the perfect business looks for you.A single breasted suit for men has never gone out of fashion. Its enduring classic quality accounts for its continued popularity from the time men started wearing suits to the present. But single breasted suits have undergone some evolution and transformation. The 2017 fashion trend for single breasted suits has two prevailing styles, the conservative cut and the contemporary cut.

The conservative cut
The conservative style of a single breasted suit is somewhat similar to the popular single breasted suits in the 60s with some modifications, such as a shapelier or slimmer waist. This style is the preference of men who are more restrained in their choice of clothes, specifically suits. A conservatively cut single breasted suit is faultlessly tailored, very tasteful and never casual but elegantly subtle. The details of the conservative single breasted suit for 2011 are as follows:
• Medium to thin shawl lapel or step/notched lapels
• The upper button is almost to the navel
• A small breast pocket that is big enough only to accommodate a pocket square

The contemporary cut
A single breasted suit with a contemporary cut is for men who are not shy of standing out in a crowd. They are more adventurous in their choice of clothes, even in such a traditional outfit as a suit. It is a single breasted suit with a flair that only men oozing with self-confidence could comfortably wear without fear of ridicule or mockery. A single breasted suit with a contemporary cut of 2011 is still all about underlining or accentuating the male physique and the resurgence of the timeless suiting facet just like the conservatively cut single breasted suit. The big difference however is in the lapels. Instead of the medium to thin step or notched lapel of the conservatively cut single breasted suit, a contemporary style is all about peaked lapels. It is almost akin to the type of suit men wore in the 30s and 70s when the only type of lapel that is worth having were peaked lapels

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